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Organique Essentielle Sdn Bhd was founded by professional aesthetician Stephanie Yong, an industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience. Stephanie is also the founder of beauty salon Celebrity Beaute, which opened its doors in 1994.

We pride ourselves in curating the very best natural and organic beauty products for Asian skin, personally handpicked by Stephanie based on her extensive experience in dealing with different skin types.

Our current portfolio of exclusive brands includes:

✔ Arise (Switzerland)

✔ NOHEM (France),

✔ Klynn(France)

✔ Abellie (France)

Certified-organic and natural, these brands are derived from the best of natural plants and fauna for their beauty and detoxifying properties. Ethically sourced from all around the world, these factors combined with modern technology create a product that produces maximum beautifying results.

Save your skin and the environment with organic beauty.

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Stephanie Yong

Professional aesthetician / Certified wellness consultant / Trainer

With more than 25 years of experience, Stephanie’s true passion lies in practicing and advocating sustainable beauty. In 2010, at a time when sustainability was still unheard of, she introduced organic skincare brands to her customers, subsequently becoming an industry pioneer who started the trend of organic beauty salons in Malaysia.

Stephanie travels far and wide to different countries, searching for the best skin and body care products that will benefit Malaysian customers. From Switzerland to France, she handpicks only the most effective products that are designed to protect both the user and Mother Nature from exposure to harm.

As a regular participant in health, wellness and beauty events at hospitals, Stephanie has managed to educate the public on the importance of going organic. She has been featured on the cover of Branding & Franchise magazine, and also actively promotes a holistic lifestyle on radio stations such as Ai FM and CITY Plus FM.

Stephanie is also an associate member of UiTM’s Institute of Business Excellence (IBE), sharing their extensive expertise with like-minded individuals via beauty and wellness courses.

"Life is all about achieving that fragile balance between beauty and sustainability."

- Stephanie Yong, founder of Organique Essentielle

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