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Abellie Reine Cream Day & Night 50ml

Abellie Reine Cream Day & Night 50ml

The Secret de Reine® cream, with its velvet touch, will be your ally against ageing signs. Enriched with organic royal jelly well known for its regenerating action, borage oil for its moisturizing and anti-aging properties, and organic green tea having antioxidant virtues, this firming face cream acts on skin elasticity and firmness. Day after day, this firming face cream contributes to redefine the face contours. ~Ingredients~ i)Organic royal jelly Rich in trace elements, it has a regenerating action. ii)Organic borage oil This oil is suitable for dry, tired and devitalized skins. Very rich in essential fatty acids, it has revitalizing, hydrating and anti-aging virtues. iii)Organic green tea extract Mature and stressed skins appreciate it, in view of its astringent, toning and antioxidant action. iv)Organic witch hazel flower water It calms and soothes skin irritations. v)Organic aloe vera Rich in vitamin and trace elements, the aloe vera has softening, protecting and astringent properties. It rebalances the skin PH, the cells peeling, the moisturizing, and finally, deeply nourishes. It is a true skin regenerating. vi)Organic shea butter Nourishing, replenishing and regenerating, the shea butter has also healing and soothing virtues. vii)Organic sunflower oil Very rich in E vitamin as well as in omega-6, it provides a softening, anti-dehydrating and nourishing action to this firming face cream. viii)Polypeptides of green peas Anti-aging and anti-free radicals active ingredient, it stimulates the collagen synthesis and increases skin’s elasticity and firmness. ix)Vitamin E Thanks to the E vitamin, a natural antioxidant, this firming face cream contributes to the skin protection against free radicals. ~How to Use~ Apply in the morning and evening after cleansing ~ Skin Condition~ Gives skin elasticity and firmness #abellie #cream #day #night
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