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Abellie Face Scrub 100ML

Abellie Face Scrub 100ML


Gently exfoliate and refine your skin, thanks to the Eclat de Beauté® body scrub which combines organic acacia honey to soften, organic almond shell powder to exfoliate, and organic jojoba oil to regenerate and restore skin radiance. Suitable for all skin types, this organic body scrub is smooth and melting. With a subtle almond perfume, this care is ideal to eliminate impurities and dead cells for a smooth and soft skin.


i)Organic acacia honey : It has regenerating and revitalizing properties, because all nutrients (B vitamin, mineral salts, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants) are easily absorbed by the skin. Its nutrients are a real energy intake for skin cells.

ii)Organic jojoba oil : Softening and soothing properties.

iii)Almond shell powder exfoliators : They are thin exfoliators which gently exfoliate the skin. They eliminate dead cells as well as impurities, leaving the skin soft.

iv)Organic aloe vera : Rich in vitamin and trace elements, it helps to rebalance the skin PH, the peeling of cells, the hydration, and finally, deeply nourishes the skin. It is a real skin regenerating and an efficient active ingredient for this organic body scrub.

v)Organic sweet almond oil : It is suitable for the most delicate skins. Thanks to this oil, rich in essential fatty acids and A and E vitamins, this natural body scrub contributes to the skin softening and toning. Calming, this sweet almond oil is smooth and very soft.

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