Celebrity Beaute Treatments

Ms Cherri ( Shah Alam ) 52 years old

I have been visiting Celebrity Beaute for about 13 years now. I like their treatment and service, and it always feels relaxing after the treatments. The place is clean and cosy, plus the staff are well mannered, which makes me really feel at home.

MS CHERRI ( Shah Alam ),52岁

我成为Celebrity Beaute的顾客大概 13年了。我喜欢他们的护理和服务,每一次的护理之后,都感到特别放松。这间美容护理中心很干净舒适,加上美容师都很有礼貌,这让我真的感到宾至如归。

Dr Caroline ( South Africa)

A highlight for me every year for the past years has been my treatments here - it is worth coming all the way from South Africa just for this - Thank You! Best I've ever experienced, anywhere in the world.



Dr Ramona ( Shah Alam ) 52 years old

Ten years ago I made the best decision to seek the beauty services of Celebrity Beaute.I haven't looked back since. No more harassed by changing beauticians of each session. I feel & I am fully able to relax and enjoy my facial appointments. Stephanie is so reliable and knowledgeable. I can just leave myself in her hand and not have to think about what product to use and which treatment to take. It's is wonderful to be able to find the right beautician and beauty center for me. I believe it will bring me into next phase of my life and able to grow gracefully. Thank you, Stephanie and Celebrity Beaute.

DR RAMONA ( Shah Alam ) ,52岁

十年前我做了最好的决定就是到Celebrity Beaute体验美容服务,我从不后悔。我不再感到麻烦需要经常更换美容师。我觉得我可以完全放松和享受我的肌肤护理。Stephanie很可靠和博闻多识。我可以放心的交给她,而不必考虑需要使用什么产品或者进行哪个护理。这对我来说能找到适合的美容师和美容护理中心是如此的美好。我相信这会带我进入我人生的下一个阶段,并优雅地成长。

Michelle Tan

Body Treatment

"I'm a big fan of body massages. I'm used to Balinese and Thai massages, but it's the first time I've heard of an African-style massage, so I knew I had to try it. The treatment starts with an argan oil body scrub, which transforms into a milky dew when I rinse it off under the shower. After that, my body is massaged with smooth strokes that lull me to sleep, unlike the pummeling and kneading that I'm usually used to. When I finally wake up, my muscles feel loose and I just want to lie there forever. I liked that the massage oil didn't leave my skin too oily, and best of all the smell was completely divine, with subtle warm hints of buttery sweetness."


"No thanks to constant air-con exposure and late nights, my skin is often dehydrated and my dark circles are very obvious. I checked myself in for a 2-hour NOHEM facial, hoping to get rid of all my skin's troubles. After a gentle but thorough double-cleansing process, the beautician checks my skin and lets me know that it's severely dehydrated around the cheeks and neck. I also have fine lines around my eyes. She proceeds to give me a super-relaxing facial massage to lift my features and smooth away lines. I sneak a peek at my skin in the mirror after the massage is done - true enough, my dark circles seem less apparent. After that. I doze off while she applies a creamy mask on my face and neck. Before falling asleep, I start to change my mind about organic products because this doesn't smell like herbs. I leave with a renewed complexion and an all-new perception towards organic beauty products. Even after a week, my skin is still glowing!"

Michelle Tan