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Discover a different perspective to beauty and wellness.发掘美容与保健的另一面

Organique Essentielle Sdn Bhd was founded by professional aesthetician Stephanie Yong, an industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience. Stephanie is also the founder of beauty salon Celebrity Beaute, which opened its doors in 1994.

We pride ourselves in curating the very best natural and organic beauty products for Asian skin, personally handpicked by Stephanie based on her extensive experience in dealing with different skin types.

We believe that going organic doesn’t only mean establishing a sincere relationship with the environment; it also means we take care of our customers’ best interests with high- performance beauty products that do not burden the skin.

Our current portfolio of exclusive brands includes: Arise (Switzerland), NOHEM (France) and Abellie (France).

Certified-organic and natural, these brands contain fresh ingredients derived from nature’s best, sourced from all around the world. Combined with modern technology, you can achieve maximum results with minimum negative effects.

Save your skin and the environment with organic beauty.

Organique Essentielle Sdn Bhd 是由拥有超过25年美容经验的资深专业美容师Stephanie Yong 所创立。Stephanie亦是Celebrity Beaute美容中心的创办人,并于1994年营业至今。我们非常荣幸地能为亚洲人提供最好的天然和有机美容产品,根据Stephanie在护理不同肤质的经验中,由她亲自挑选适合的产品。




Our Founder Stephanie with Malaysia Abellie ambassador Jin Chuan 创办人 Stephanie 与 Abellie 大马区代言人苏进川合影

Take the first step towards sustainable beauty:


The average woman uses 12 products a day, which contains up to 168 different chemicals! 一般的女性每天平均会使用12个产品,当中含有多达168种不同的化学物质!
Over time, the exposure to toxins in our food, drinks and air accumulates. 随着时间的流逝,我们的食物、饮料和空气中的毒素将会累积暴露。
The easiest way to start an organic lifestyle is to change your beauty regime. 开启有机生活的最简单方法是改变你的美容程序。
Look for certified-organic products that carry the ECOCERT or COSMEBIO logo. 寻找备有ECOCERT或COSMEBIO标志的有机认证产品。
Organic products DO NOT contain any synthetic fragrances, additives or colourants, which cause irritation and trigger allergic reactions. 有机产品不含任何会引起刺激或过敏反应的合成香料、添加剂或色素。
Going organic can also help minimize your environmental impact – no more pollution down the drain! 有机也可以帮助减少对环境的伤害——降低环境的污染。

Our Founder我们的创办人

Stephanie Yong
Organic advocate / Professional aesthetician / Certified wellness consultant / Trainer有机提倡者 / 专业美容师 / 认证健康顾问 / 培训师

With more than 25 years of experience, Stephanie’s true passion lies in practicing and advocating sustainable beauty. In 2010, at a time when sustainability was still unheard of, she introduced organic skincare brands to her customers, subsequently becoming an industry pioneer who started the trend of organic beauty salons in Malaysia.

Stephanie travels far and wide to different countries, searching for the best skin and body care products that will benefit Malaysian customers. From Switzerland to France, she handpicks only the most effective products that are designed to protect both the user and Mother Nature from exposure to harm.

As a regular participant in health, wellness and beauty events at hospitals, Stephanie has managed to educate the public on the importance of going organic. She has been featured on the cover of Branding & Franchise magazine, and also actively promotes a holistic lifestyle on radio stations such as Ai FM and CITY Plus FM.

Stephanie is also an associate member of UiTM’s Institute of Business Excellence (IBE), sharing their extensive expertise with like-minded individuals via beauty and wellness courses.



经常出席医院的健康、保健与美容活动的Stephanie,她已向公众传达有机食品的重要性。她曾登上《品牌与连锁》杂志的封面,并积极在Ai FM与CITY Plus FM电台中推广健康的生活方式。


"Life is all about achieving that fragile balance between beauty and sustainability."
- Stephanie Yong, founder of Organique Essentielle
– Stephanie Yong, Organique Essentielle创办人

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