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Celebrity Beaute Review

No matter your skin concern or body condition, we've got the perfect treatment for you at Celebrity Beaute. Blogger Rychael loves our massage and facial so much, she wrote a wonderfully informative article about us!


体验Celebrity Beaute

无论你面对肌肤还是身体肌肤的问题,在 Celebrity Beaute 美容护理中心,我们都可为你提供完美的护理。部落客Rychael特别喜欢我们的按摩与脸部护理,请一起看看她在护理之后分享的体验。


Abellie Product Review

Please have a read on blogger Rychael to our product Abellie.


Abellie 产品分享



Abellie 产品推介礼



Stephanie is on radio FM interview!

This week, Yoga 林俞佳 and XiaoMa 马小马 from CITYPlus FM interviewed our founder Stephanie for their segment [A+ Personality], where she shared her extensive experience in the beauty industry.


Stephanie 受邀到电台接受访问

CITYPlus FM的Yoga林俞佳和马小马访问了我们的创办人Stephanie,与听众分享她在美容行业的经验。


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What Customers Say顾客体验

  • I have been a loyal customer since 2000, and it has been a worthwhile choice. I look 10 years younger, with a glowing youthful skin,thanks to celebrity beaute n Arise products.

    Puan Fara ( Shah Alam ) 54 years old

    自2000年以来,我就是这里的忠实顾客,这是非常值得的选择。年轻透亮的肌肤,让我看起来年轻了10岁,感谢Celebrity Beaute美容护理中心以及Arise护肤产品。

    Puan Fara ( Shah Alam ), 54岁

  • Since I started to use ARISE, I feel there are changes to my face. From what I know, ARISE contains all natural organic concoctions without any chemical, that's why I could feel vast difference on my face - my pores are unplugged and shrunk. Besides that, I also feel my skin is softer, firmer and tighter. Most importantly, it also fights skin aging and improves my appearance. And lastly, I am very happy to say that I'm no longer a loose powder user with ARISE products !

    Celine Foo ( Sentul ) 46 years old

    自从我开始使用Arise护肤产品之后,我感觉到我的肌肤有所改善。 据我所知,Aiese含有天然有机萃取,没有添加任何化学物质,这就是为什么我可以感觉到我的肌肤的蜕变——我的毛孔不再阻塞和缩小了。 除此之外,我也感觉我的肌肤更柔嫩紧致。 最重要的是,还具有抗老功效,整体改善我的肌肤。 最后,我很高兴地说,使用了Arise产品,我不再需要厚重的底妆了!

    Celine Foo ( Sentul ), 46岁

  • Arise Skincare Products: After using Arise for more than a year, my skin has much lesser problem now and it improve my skin's tone and texture. Besides, as I travel a lot due to my work commitment, I find it so easy to travel with Arise than any other skincare products!

    Pauline ( Cheras ) 53 years old

    Arise护肤产品:在使用Arise护肤产品一年多之后,我的肌肤问题减少了,有效改善肤色和质地。 此外,由于我的工作关系需要经常出国,我发现带着Arise产品比其他护肤产品更方便!

    Pauline ( Cheras ), 53岁

  • Arise; I like Arise day n night cream because it has a light n refreshing texture which absorbs readily into skin, leaving it smooth n supple. As its organic its ideal for my sensitive skin.




  • I was initially sceptical about using Arise and an all natural certified organic product. I was so used to using the usual skincare. The first few weeks of using Arise products, I was already thinking of changing back to my previous beauty products. I didn't see any change in my complexion and was impatient as well as worried that I was going to look worse, using Arise products!! 3 years after , I'm still using Arise and am so happy as well as realized that I did not decide to revert to my old products then . I feel good knowing that I am taking care of myself and using natural organic products which are also environmentally friendly Even though I like all of the Arise products , I must say that my favourite is the whitening range - which helps me maintain a glowing and fair complexion all the time !! Thank you Arise !!.

    Dr Ramona ( Shah Alam ) 55 years old

    我最初对使用Arise护肤产品和全天然有机认证的产品抱着怀疑的态度。 我习惯使用一般的护肤产品。 在使用Arise产品的几个星期之后,我已经在考虑换回以前的护肤产品。 我没有看到我的肌肤有任何改善,我开始没有耐心,并担心我的肌肤在使用Arise产品之后会变得更糟! 3年后,我仍然在使用Arise产品,并感到非常高兴以及我已没有再使用之前的护肤产品了。 我很开心地呵护自己的肌肤,并选择使用天然有机和环保的产品。虽然我喜欢所有的Arise产品,但我必须说,我最喜欢的是美白系列 ,有助于维持和提亮我的肤色。感谢Arise产品!!

    Dr Ramona ( Shah Alam ), 55岁

  • I have always had sensitive skin, always struggled which skin product to use. I tried many products and everything seemed to make it worse. Fortunately, through one of my friends, I was introduced to Celebrity Beaute. Well, after using NOHEM, I definitely see an overall marked improvement in my skin. Finally I have found the skincare that suits me. Awesome!! This is an amazing product, it is truly the best skin care I ever found. I wish to thank Stephanie and her team for their passionate and hospitable service during my visit.

    May Soo

    我一直都属于敏感肌肤,总是面对选择正确护肤产品的问题。我试用过许多产品,每一次都会让肌肤变得更糟糕。幸运的是,通过一个朋友介绍我到Celebrity Beaute美容护理中心。在使用Nohem护肤产品之后,我发现肌肤有明显的改善。我终于找到适合我肌肤的产品了。真的太棒了!这是很卓越的产品,真的是我用过最好的护肤产品。我要特别感谢Stephanie和她的团队对我的热情与服务。

    May Soo

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减少化学物品,添加天然的成分——这就是最好的方式赋予肌肤所需的养分。由专业美容师兼认证健康顾问Stephanie Yong于2014年创立。Organique Essentielle提供一系列的天然护肤、彩妆和身体护理产品,并由Stephanie亲自凭借在美容行业的丰富经验亲自挑选。

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